Crown Affair approached us in their pre-launch phase to create a new brand from the ground up. We worked closely with Dianna Cohen, the founder, to define a foundational concept for the brand, craft a strategy, establish positioning, develop the graphic identity, and ultimately deliver an entire branding suite from website to packaging to launch campaign. We helped take the company from a few sketches and product prototypes to a full-scale brand identity system.

This project allowed us to take full advantage of our deeply collaborative creative process and range of skills. Early on, we identified important influences on Dianna’s vision for the brand, like the artwork of Constantin Brâncusi and Ed Ruscha, with interpretations of each making their way into the final brand identity. We delved into a deep competitive brand research phase, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of every company in the market, and identifying ways to make Crown Affair stand out from the pack.

It also highlights our particular attention to detail, with bespoke paper packaging by Colophon Paper, a custom typeface created with our friends at Grilli Type, a teaser website made with Twomuch Studio, and a in-house prototyping and iteration.

The engagement culminated in an iconic, minimalist launch campaign that closed the loop with reference to that original fundamental idea — Take Your Time — with expressive photography, unorthodox angles, a focus on the sky, and a diverse range of talent. Placeholder takes pride in an approach that prioritizes meaningful work that carries a message at every level, and we’re thrilled for the future of Crown Affair and the work the brand will do to change our relationship with hair.

Creative Direction: PLACEHOLDER
Crown Affair Sans typeface design: Grilli type
Lifestyle Photography:Vanessa Granda
Product photography: Kent Rogowski
Video: Davy Gomez



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